A Recovering Junkie’s Views on Drug Addiction Therapy | netv.info

As a recovering heroin junkie, I have a few views of my own regarding the effectiveness of drug addiction therapy. This is an area where I could go on for hours regarding my own experiences and beliefs, but one fact which I feel everybody needs to know is that any form of therapy will only be as effective as you allow it to be.It does not make any difference what so ever as to what type of drug addiction therapy you look at, if the addict is not willing to give everything they have in order to make the program work, it will fail, they will relapse and chances are that they will return to the drug world hungrier for a fix than ever before.In order to actually recover from drug addiction, the addict needs to be completely committed to their own recovery, this is the most essential part of any form of recovery. If the addict is not willing to fully commit to the drug addiction therapy, there is no way in hell that it is going to be able to help them.We all need to understand that when you are working with an addict, the mindset which they are in is completely different to that of most other people, they feel a physical, emotional and spiritual bond to their drug of choice, very much like a marriage and getting them to make the decision to break this bond is not as easy as many people would imagine.I believe that in order for any type of drug addiction therapy to be successful, we first need to address this mindset, help the addict to understand the seriousness of their abusive relationship with drugs, address the reason why they choose to stay in this relationship and then offer them concrete ways in order to get out alive and to know that their needs which were not being filled by the drugs can be filled in reality.Now perhaps I am just mad, but through my personal experience, I know that these are things which any addict will need in order to begin to even consider giving the kind of commitment which it takes to overcome addiction through drug addiction therapy.Many people do not realize the deep and dark levels to which drug addiction fills your being and the mere thought of having to break this bond is such a daunting one that many addicts never even spare it a second thought. This is the reason why recovery is normally approached with a half hearted attempt and inevitably ends in relapse or plain failure.