Addiction Is a Disease |

Addiction is a continual, irrational dependence on a behavior or substance regardless of knowing the negative cost of it. A person is said to be an addict if he or she finds himself confined to a pattern or practice or to something that is habit forming.The most common addictions are gambling, drugs and alcohol. There are other types of addictions that influence people from all backgrounds too. Addictions like food or pornography produces a feeling of pleasure for the addict. Whereas addictions like gambling gives the addict a sense of thrill from winning or the possibility of winning. Sex addiction is very existent too, and the people who reside with this type of trouble get into a succession where they are thinking about their last invasion or scheduling for the next one. They may engage in risky behaviors (having sex with strangers or prostitutes) just to satisfy their cravings.According to psychologists majority of the people get addicted because of joblessness and lack of healthy activities.They find other ways of socializing and eventually get addicted to it. Addiction always involves pleasure. A person once addicted is totally controlled by the addiction.Every human being has the tendency to be an addict however some find it difficult to control while others manage it easily. If you think that some habit is dominant on all your other activities and you find is difficult to ignore, you are getting addicted to it.
Most of the addicts do not admit their addiction. A lot of time and energy has been spent denying the reality, they have a problem. If the addict were confronted about the problem, his or her first reaction may have been to respond in an irritated manner. Turning this stance around and admitting there is a difficulty is the first footstep to getting the aid that they need.Addiction could be controlled by finding other ways of passing spare time or spending more time with family or loved ones.Get yourself involved in healthy activities like jogging, swimming or reading.. Remember nothing is impossible.All it needs is a self dedication to rectify the problem which lies within.The road to addiction revival will likely be a stretched one, and it would be impractical to anticipate that you won’t have a relapse. The significant thing to keep in mind is that a relapse is simply a bump in the road, and that when they happen; you need to get back on track, no matter what type of addiction recovery help you are involved in.Addiction is not only a habit but also a disease; do not let it grow on you like a pest.