Sex Addicts Don’t Need Sex – They Need Help! |

There’s been a lot of talk about sex addiction lately. With many celebrities publicly seeking sex addiction help, and more and more professionals in the field coming out and talking about it, people are beginning to see that addiction is a real thing, and it’s a real problem. And it’s not only a problem for the people around them. Often, the person that finds the biggest problem with the sexual addiction is the addict him or herself. Still, very few addicts get help with their addiction. This is a very sad fact because addiction is very real, and there is sex addiction help available.An addiction is when a person becomes so involved and preoccupied with sex that it takes up most of their waking hours, either because they are thinking about it or engaging in it. Sex fill their addiction through a number of different ways. Some with only a mild addiction might watch pornography or excessively masturbate. Others with a more severe sexual addiction might have affairs outside of their marriage, seek out sexual partners for one-night stands, exhibit signs of exhibitionism or voyeurism, spend significant time and money visiting massage parlors and/or prostitutes.However whatever form of activity addicts seek they rarely, if ever, feel satisfied or fulfilled through the activity. Instead, they feel shame and guilt, and they are not likely to form any kind of emotional bond with anyone they have sex with. This is because addicts usually take part on their activity in order to release their anxiety, exhibit power over themselves, or because there are uncontrollable sexual urges in their brains. But it’s because of the shame and guilt that addicts rarely find help with their addiction, and one of the reasons why this type of addiction is still considered to be relatively “new” even though it’s been around for generations.Unfortunately, addiction help can also be somewhat tricky. Other addictions are treated by both giving the patient psychological help, along with completely eliminating the source of their addiction from their lives. In the cases of gambling, drug addition, and alcoholism, this is a simple enough concept, but people struggle to get their heads around the same simple concept when it comes to addiction. Yes, it is tougher. And yes, if you’re married, there are certainly other factors to take into consideration. But sex addicts can limit and eliminate, and I can help you do it!If you are suffering from addiction, contact me. I’ll show you the number of treatments for addiction help that include controlling the behavior and learning how to have a healthy sexual appetite, without placing pressure or pain on others or yourself. Education is a big part of sex addiction help, as is often family or couple’s therapy. Don’t live with the shame anymore! There is addiction help, and you’ve just found it! Call my office today and get on the path to a better, healthier, and actually fulfilling sex life tomorrow.